Finding Money to Save

If you’re having trouble finding money to save, it’s probably because you haven’t learned the most important principle of saving: you will find ways to do it if saving becomes a priority.


You need to get in the mindset that saving is more important than spending and that you really don’t need all those material things. Once you’ve decided that, you will find many ways to save, such as:


Automatically deduct money from your paycheck and have it deposited in a savings or investment account. Start out with a small amount, then increase the amount periodically.

Save any salary increases. Before you get used to spending the money, add your raises to the amount being automatically deducted from your paycheck. Use the same strategy with any unexpected income.

Play money games. Resolve to never spend any of your change or $1 bills or $5 bills. Collect the cash in one place, adding it to your savings periodically.

Think before you spend. Is that dinner at an expensive restaurant really worth it or can you eat at a less expensive restaurant? Do you have to buy coffee every morning or can you get a cup for free at the office? Make sure you put all these savings away in your savings or investment account.

Comparison shop before buying high-ticket items. Ask the store if a sale is going to occur soon or if the price is negotiable.

Don’t pay unnecessary fees. If you’re paying an annual fee on your credit card, find one without a fee. Make sure to send your credit card payments in several days before they’re due so you won’t have to pay a late fee.

Never forget that saving is a mindset. Always be on the lookout for ways to save.



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