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Brenda Weinke, Accountant

Phone: 608.445.0928

Education | Associates Degree in Accounting

Work Experience | 10 years of experience in public accounting (preparation of financial statements and managing the bookkeeping/payroll department)

Specialties | Bookkeeping

Interests | Traveling and spending time with family

Best musician you’ve seen in concert? Kenny Chesney 
Favorite band? P!nk  Location of your dream vacation? Bali 
Obsessions? Shopping 

Kristi Yeager, Senior Accountant - Insurance


Phone: 608.212.7794

Education | BBA – Accounting, UW Madison

Work Experience | 9+ years in the insurance industry, public accounting (auditing), and in-house (statutory reporting)

Specialties | Insurance statutory reporting

Interests | A hockey mom who also loves watching Badger football and playing tennis

Favorite quote and it’s author? “If you’re not first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby, Talledega Nights  Hidden talent? I’m pretty good at 80’s music trivia 
Location of your dream vacation? Hawaii, Grand Cayman, any island
Favorite state? Colorado

Lynda S. Tanner, CPA, CGMA,
Nonprofit Consultant


Phone: 608.516.4491

Education | Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Business Administration minor – Magna Cum Laude

Work Experience | 11 years experience in public accounting. 5 years experience with business management and accounting software deployment. 14 years experience in association management (state bar of Wisconsin)

Specialties | Nonprofit Management and Planning. Developing and monitoring budgets. Financial statement analysis. Preparing nonprofits for annual audits

Memberships | AICPA. WICPA. CGMA. Madison College Business Management Advisory Board

Board game you dominate at? Scrabble Super power – which one do you want? Fly What movie makes you cry? Most of them How many countries have you visited? 15 

Sarah Winkler, Accountant


Phone: 608.416.1018

Education | BS in Accounting 

Work Experience | 10 years in public accounting and 12 years in banking

Interests | Camping, fishing and riding horses

Best musician you’ve seen in concert? Elton John 
Favorite food? Mexican  Favorite indoor activity? Rock climbing
Favorite outdoor activity? Horseback riding
Favorite pizza topping? Sausage  Favorite place to be? By the ocean 
Favorite season? Summer Favorite sport to watch? Baseball 
Location of your dream vacation? Barbados 
What time period would you visit if you had a time machine? 1800’s 

Carmen Jeschke, CPA, Accountant
Phone: 608.824.3002

Education | BA in Journalism (1983), Nonprofit Management Certification (1995), AA in Accounting (2007), Management Certification (2015)

Work Experience | Licensed CPA since 2010, 4 years -corporate controller;
4 years- public accountant; 4 years -business manager

Specialties | Cash and debt management, general accounting,
financial statement preparation and review, team management and motivation
Memberships | WICPA, AICPA

Interests | Family and friends, travel, reading, tennis

Board game you dominate at? Candy Land  Hero/role model? Muhammad Ali  
Super power -which one do you want?  The power to fly.

Middleton, WI 

Phone: 608-824-3002

Fax: 866-486-4261


Sauk Prairie, WI  

Phone: 608-644-0206

Fax: 608-643-3467

Brookfield, WI  

Phone: 414-751-6847

Fax: 866-486-4261